Complete 3PL Warehouse Checkup

Give us Week with two Consultant/Auditors and we will provide invaluable information about your organization, management personnel and processes. You will receive a Comprehensive Action Plan for Improvement. As a bonus, you will get one Free Video Process Training Video.

After working with 3PL Warehouses since 1990, designing, creating and implementing ISO 9001, SQF 2000 and HACCP Food Safety Systems, we have created a complete audit approach that evaluates your processes, security systems, food safety, cleanliness, efficiencies, and we even perform mock evaluations such as a mock disaster or recall to evaluate how the processes and management perform under pressure.

Our evaluation includes ISO 9001, HACCP, LEAN Process Evaluation, Security, Safety and Training. Additionally, we will identify areas in your processes that can incorporated into CIS to be more efficient and we will create one such system while we are there during the evening while at the hotel.

What we Will Evaluate

  • Quality and Management Processes (including elements of ISO 9001):

    • Note: This evaluation may be used as your Internal Yearly Audit for ISO 9001;

    • Evaluate how accurate the procedures, work instruction (SOP) and flowcharts represent the current processes;

    • Pricing and quoting practices and formulas including contracts and how accurate the information is entered into the Inventory Management System;

    • Safety and Security Procedures and Practices including a mock evaluation of the effectiveness;

    • Receiving, Picking and Packing and the Inventory Location and Quantity Accuracy;

    • Maintenance and Calibration Processes;

    • Sanitation and overall Cleanliness;

    • Training and Effectiveness of training including Mock Situational Evaluations;

    • Evaluation of Food Safety Practices if applicable;

    • Software, files and back-up processes.

  • LEAN Overall Evaluation including:

    • Product and personnel movement including an evaluation of time and efficiencies that may be gained;

    • Hiring and Firing Practices;

    • Process Steps and calculated provisions for possible deviations;

    • Overall management structure, communication of requirements and the ability to accurately obtain useful feedback information to be used for instant management decisions and reactions to challenging situations;

  • CIS Software System Evaluation Including:

    • Is CIS being used effectively;

    • Does CIS software include solutions for all the needs in your processes? If not identify areas for improvement including the creation of new unique databases or revisions to existing databases to better serve the organization;

    • We will work on revising certain databases and/or create new databases while we are at your facility at the hotel during the evening. This is limited to 12-Hours of development Time during the week. We normally can complete up to two complete solutions in this time frame.

What We Will Deliver

  • One or Two new databases created while we are there to address processes identified during our evaluation;

  • A complete action plan report including:

    • Suggested New Training, if required;

    • Suggested Procedure Revisions, if required;

    • Suggested Process Revisions to gain efficiencies, if required;

    • Suggested CIS Revisions or Further Implementation to better serve the organization, if required;

    • Suggested personnel changes or movement, if required;

    • Suggested Safety and/or Security Revisions, if required.

  • If your organization completes most or all of the suggested improvements we can issue a Certificate of Excellence including a Customer Oriented Audit Report that you can proudly share with your customers to instill further confidence in your organization. The report will be compiled in a manner to protect your organizational secrets and processes while providing sufficient audit details to satisfy a customer’s curiosity about your overall processes and commitment to excellence.

  • NEW for 2019! We will be bringing some portable lighting, wireless microphones and camera to create one Instructional Video Process for your organization while we are there.

What This is NOT!

  • This is NOT a Check-Box Audit or evaluation whereby we have a question sheet with the goal of checking each box off acceptable or with standard predetermined answers.

  • This is NOT a Cursory Overview. This is an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s current health and effectiveness to provide your customer’s with the promised deliverables and to survive into future market requirements.

What are the COSTS?

$ 9,500.00: 1-Week: 2 x Consultants

$ 2,500.00: Additional Re-Evaluation and Customer Certificate of Excellence


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