Ensuring Success for CIS Software Customers

CIS Continuous Improvement Software is amazing as is! However, CIS is designed to be customized, new tables and databases created and input, edit and report forms designed to meet your specific needs. We understand that not all CIS clients have the time or expertise to customize and create using the tools provided by CIS Software. We are the experts and can help create solutions for your organization!

Tables & Databases

Our experts can quickly and affordably create new tables and databases to meet your specific needs or to replace your older spreadsheets and access databases so that they are integrated into one management system - CIS Continuous Improvement Software.


We can create portals into your system that allows customers, suppliers or external sales organizations to have input directly into your existing tables without the need to log into your system. Portals are used for many functions such as a request for samples on your website or customer feedback and that information will open a new record in CIS when saved.


Let us improve your input, edit, e-mail and print forms. Our experts can quickly revise your formats and include only the information you need as well as give them a complete facelift.

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Contact us NOW and let us know what we can do to spice up YOUR CIS!