CIS Software Training

We offer CIS Software training in-house, online using Web-Ex and in various cities throughout the United States. Our in-house and online training is customized to suit the client's specific goals and needs.

In-House Training:

We send our trainer to your organization for between 2-4 days to provide training on the use of CIS software including programming and database building. The training is designed to meet your needs and can be a combination of classroom training and specific targeted training to smaller groups.

The client would be responsible for our trainer's flights, hotel and the training costs. Please request a quotation.

Web-Ex Training Online

We provide targeted training online to a group of 6-maximum using Web-Ex online. The six trainees may be in different locations and connected on different computers or all six may be in one conference room setting. The training is designed to meet your needs and can be broken down into multiple one or two hour sessions across multiple weeks if desired. Please request a quotation.

Seminar Training

Next Planned Training: Phoenix, AZ

Dates: May 15 -17, 2017

Cost: $ 900.00 USD (Other Discounts May Apply)

Seminar includes coffee breaks, a full lunch each day and a course booklet.

This seminar is excellent for users of our older CIS version who would like to upgrade to the new version of CIS Continuous Improvement Software and would like to learn and prepare for the transition.

If you are a potential client and would like to attend to gain a complete understanding about CIS please complete the form below and we will contact you and discuss how you may attend for no costs.

Never before has CIS Software offered so many options to manage your complete organization. Learn how to unlock the programming tools provided with CIS 2014 to create customer portals, multiple and different data insert and edit screens per user types, create new and fully integrated database tables, start using process driven data and reporting to better manage your systems and much more.

This two day training includes a course training book including how to unlock the secrets of CIS and many suggested add-ons that you can create for your organization. Coffee breaks and lunches are included on all three days.

There will be a half day training included outlining the steps to be taken to transition your organization to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.