ISO 9001: 2015


It all started when...

We started ISO 9001 consulting in 1989 using the very first edition of ISO 9001:1987, ISO 9002:1987 and ISO 9003:1987. We are guilty of creating the hundred page manuals, the one year implementations and contributing to confusion as much as any other consulting firm back then. However we changed. We reinvented ourselves when we created CIS software back in 1999. It started with the bow tie approach to quality and then continued with the development of concise, efficient and thinking outside the box software to simplify ISO 9001 and make it a useful tool for any organization. A Continuous Improvement Tool!

In a manner of speaking, we have witnessed ISO make a complete circle in the last twenty-five years.The first edition of ISO really focused on improvement and process management and did not in fact require procedures. That was rectified with the next edition of ISO 9001 that required a set of twenty procedures. Finally we have returned to the 2015 version that requires far less procedures but focuses on process management, risk, control and improvement. Our consultants can guide you through these requirements and determine how to best create a system for you (not for the company down the street).

Our consultants believe that an organization should achieve excellence through the ISO 9001:2015 certification process by creating a management system that works for them and by NOT creating a system to pass an audit or for an auditor.  Our systems can be used with or without our CIS Software.

If you are considering ISO 9001 certification or if you have an ISO 9001 certified system but would like to see it simplified and become more effective, please contact us.

Together, we can help you achieve your goals without adding layers and layers of procedures, forms and systems that do not service your organization but instead service an auditor.