One Week!

CIS Development Special

On Site!


We will send one of our CIS Specialists to your organization to work with you to develop tables and databases including portals, input and edit forms to better meet your operational processes. The specialist will have a couple of Web Ex meetings with you prior to the actual onsite week to determine your goals and objectives. This is an excellent opportunity to make CIS Continuous Improvement Software really work for you.

Our specialist will work onsite so that the system is revised and developed with you. This is an invaluable learning opportunity for your staff! Our specialist can create new features in CIS such as trucking inspection tables, visitor logs, design process flow, HACCP and/or food safety inspection tables and forms, or any other type of systems that you need.

Many clients use this opportunity to:

  • Revise the e-mail and printing forms to be user specific and friendly
  • Revise field names and data types. Add new fields to existing databases and hide fields that are not used
  • Create new databases to eliminate rogue spread sheets and forms that are used so that the system is totally integrated
  • Create a customer portal for customer feed back and/or job release
  • Create specific inspection databases such as cleanliness, walk through inspections, safety and more.

Have a look at what some of our customers have created

With their CIS. Click the Sample Database Solutions

to the Right...

There are obviously many changes that you would like so why not take advantage of this special offer now?

Base Cost: $ 2,500.00

SPECIAL OFFER: $ 2,000.00

Flight/Hotel Extra

Note: pending on the types of changes and systems that are required, there may be additional add-on charges for programmer scripting.

Booster Shot

Delivered by Peter Sanderson over a two day period at your facility. The Booster Shot program is designed to get your management team back on track and to ignite a new spirit in the organization.

Click Here to learn more about our Booster Shot Program

Cost: $ 2,500.00

Special: $ 1,650.00
  • Flight and Hotel Extra.
  • Includes Hand Outs

FREE! CIS Users Group to be offered periodically to all CIS Software users. We will provide training and answer questions. Participants will have the ability to add agenda items and determine the frequency of the meetings.