Team Building Training 2017

ISO 9001:2015, management training, regulatory requirements and proper human resource systems all contribute to the success of an organization.

However, executives, managers and supervisors continue to struggle with effective communication and working together as a team.

Often problems arise when providing clear expectations to staff members, commitment or communicating customer requirements and that is where our Team Building Program will help!


The Team Building Program

Building an effective team can ensure the future of your business and team building doesn't just happen on its own. Often we rely on our human resource department and our managers to build the team and provide leadership, corporate objectives and ensure that staff work together to achieve the above. But we know that this is often not the case. High employee turn around, project time lines not respected, struggling with growth and other key performance indicators point out that our team may not be communicating and working together.

We are putting together a 4-day wilderness package in northern New York (Lake Placid area) with experts in the field of canoeing and team building. Tandem canoeing is a discipline that requires much communication too properly control the canoe. Sure, any two people can get into a canoe and paddle it forward but what about navigating from A to B in wind and waves? Learn to problem solve by applying directional change to help avoid adversity. Skill, planning and communication is required. Sound familiar? Changes to customer requirements, new employees, new regulatory requirements, and technical problems at work also require the same type of skills, communication and planning. 

During the four days, participants will first learn the basic paddling strokes required to participate. Then participants will be challenged with a variety of exercises in the canoe with different partners. In one communication drill for example while taking paddling instructions from their partner a blindfolded team will manage an obstacle course in the water.

While not in the water and canoeing there will be land challenges and work shops that teach about Competence, Control, Collaboration, and Communication. Role playing exercises will emphasize the importance of creativity and the consequences and accountability withing the team for successes and failures.


The GOALS are simple!

  • Increase Awareness of Team Building
  • Provide the skill set to be a Successful Team Builder
  • Understand Culture Change
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Understand the importance of Collaboration
  • Improve Problem Solving


We will be engaging the services of experts in their field.

Becky Mason daughter of Bill Mason and Reid McLachlan will lead us through the canoe skills and challenges (

Marc Merulla Founder and Program Director of Team Building Ottawa|Montreal|Quebec will be helping us when we are not in the water (

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